WOOL has Merchandise!

What’s in stock and what sizes are available fluctuates, because we mostly sell them at events and don’t always have the funds available to keep everything fully replenished. That’s why we stopped having an online storefront… to avoid selling things that we’d actually run out of. But we’ll still totally do mail order. Drop an email to feedback@blacksheepradio.org or leave a message at (802) 463-WOOL (9665) with details about what you’re looking for and somebody will get back to you.

All proceeds help keep the wheels on here at volunteer-run, non-profit, noncommercial, Black Sheep Radio. Thanks!

This is known:

The new t-shirts are $20 + $3 shipping.

The dwindling supply of old t-shirts are $10 + $3 shipping. (We used to be “WOOL-LP 100.1” but now we’re “WOOL-FM 91.5”.)

Euro-Style WOOL Stickers featuring our sheep head logo in a bold ellipse are $2.50 each including shipping, or three for $5. We’re almost out of these, but plan to get more.

We’re out of hats at the moment, but there’s talk of getting more. There are also can coolers.