WOOL’s on-air gratitude to underwriters helps build and maintain name recognition by keeping your organization in the foreground of listeners’ minds in a frequent, uncluttered, straightforward way.

Six- or twelve-month underwriting terms are offered, for $150 or $250 respectively. This includes 24/7 on-air acknowledgements.

Select the amount and click the one of the payment options below, and follow the instructions. You don’t need to have a Paypal account.

If you don’t receive an email from somebody at the station within a day or two to discuss the language of your on-air underwriting acknowledgement statement, please do give us a little kick in the pants at feedback@blacksheepradio.org! Unlike the big NPR stations, we’re entirely run by local volunteers. While it’s absolutely our intention to not let anything fall through the cracks, sometimes a wheel needs to squeak. 100% of any funds that come our way go directly to pay the bills that keep us on the air.

If you prefer, you can mail or deliver a check to:

PO Box 110 / 33 Bridge St
Bellows Falls VT 05101

Email any questions to feedback@blacksheepradio.org or leave us a message at (802) 732-8384.

WOOL gets no free government money, no giant foundation grants. It’s us regular people, we friends and neighbors, together, that keep this thing happening. Your support means everything. That said, WOOL may decline underwriting that violates FCC restrictions, our mission, or for any other reason at WOOL’s discretion.

From the FCC: Commission Policy on the Noncommercial Nature of Educational Broadcasting. In a nutshell, acknowledgements identify underwriters without being promotional. They can include value-neutral descriptions of a ‘reasonable number’ of products and services (three or four), brand and trade names, contact and location information including web addresses and phone numbers, and established slogans that identify but aren’t promotional. Messaging can’t include price information (like “free” or “discount”), calls to action (like “stop in” or “call us” — although including a web address or phone number for more information is allowed), superlative or qualitative or comparative descriptions (like “best”), inducements (like “free quote”), endorsements (like “four out of five doctors recommend”). The FCC also says that acknowledgements that are too long will seem promotional. NPR limits underwriting pod statements to 15 seconds each, and so does WOOL.

How is underwriting different from the free Bulletin Board and PSA service we provide?

They serve different functions. PSAs are about events and opportunities that educate, entertain, or otherwise contribute to the quality of life of the commons. PSAs air with far less frequency than underwriting statements. Anyone is welcome to submit PSAs via the Mid-River Bulletin Board, whether they’re a station underwriter or not; we’d like people to do both, of course, but it’s not required.