Tuesday, June 11, 2024
8:11 am - 9:00 am


We are pleased to announce the return of nationally known survival instructor, Jessie Krebs who will be teaching women’s outdoor survival skills for 2 weekends in June, 2024. These classes are perfect for women who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you work in the outdoor industry or participate in any of the many activities available in the region. Build skills and confidence in a fun learning atmosphere.

June 15, 2024, Women’s Evasion Basics Class – Monkton, VT – Knowing how to disappear can come in handy on occasion! There have been times when I didn’t want an animal (including the two-legged kind!) to know I’m around so I “vanish” and they go on their way none the wiser. If you like getting closer to birds and wildlife for any reason, or you want to feel safer while out solo hiking or even walking downtown, this class will give you some good pointers. We will look at some simple concepts and techniques you can put into practice immediately to go into “stealth” mode at will! And of course we’ll have a TON of fun! Class cost: $150.00. For more information visit – owlsskills.com/

June 16, One Day Women’s Survival Course – Monkton, VT – This “crash course” in basic outdoor survival principles is excellent for those who are short on time, yet want to feel more confident in the outdoors. This is the perfect course for an introduction to core concepts that will help keep you centered and making healthy decisions if things get hairy. It’s mostly lecture-style with some hands-on training on topics such as staying warm, building fires, signaling for help, navigation concepts, knife sharpening, building emergency shelters, and more. Young, old, injured or otherwise are welcome! Class cost: $150.00. For more information visit – owlsskills.com/

June 21 – 23 – Women’s Weekend Survival Course – Monkton, VT – This stand-alone course is for those that would like more hands-on practice and coaching. The weekend is spent diving into the five basic needs of a survivor in an outdoor base camp. Staying warm and protected using clothing and gear, shelter, and fire skills; health concepts and techniques; what to do if you are lost/disoriented; finding and consuming food and water; and most importantly, how to get FOUND ASAP! It includes lectures, demonstrations, and student practices in a friendly, supportive learning environment. Evenings are spent cooking and eating dinner around the fire, followed by more discussion and lessons, including night navigation techniques. Smore’s and dinners are included! Class cost: $520.00. For more information visit – owlsskills.com/

Questions regarding these classes can be directed to Jessie at: owlsskills@gmail.com

Women’s Survival classes to be held in Monkton, VT.