TUE, 10 PM:

The Magical Mystery Tour

Interesting, inspiring, and entertaining talks, interviews, and call-in discussions on science, neuroscience, psychology, education, parenting, healing, deep politics, economics, spirituality and the mystical, and more, along with music and humor.

The show seeks to explore and broaden the perspective and understanding of human experience with an ever widening open heart and mind toward the unknown, while questioning the prevailing assumptions and beliefs, especially our own, that can get in the way of a wide-eyed exploration of the infinite possibilities that surround us, inside and out. Genuinely seeking to bridge the schisms and grand chasms that seem to appear between disparate and largely unquestioned positions, beliefs, ideologies and assumptions of all kinds. Especially, considering that we all co-exist and co-create our evolving world together, moment by moment, whether we are aware of it or not.