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Rootstock Radio and Food Sleuth Radio

Rootstock Radio provides honest yet personable education about the true state of food and farming in our country today. As we face the plethora of rubber-stamped GMO releases, we need to amplify the hard truth with compassionate and honest voices, balancing the doom-and-gloom with solutions for contributing to a sustainable future.


Satisfy your hunger for food truth on Food Sleuth Radio: interviews with the nation’s leading experts on food, health, and agriculture.

Program host Melinda Hemmelgarn is a a Registered Dietitian, “investigative” nutritionist, and advocate for social and environmental justice. She’s the author of a 25+ year weekly “Food Sleuth” newspaper column, a freelance writer, and a syndicated radio host. Her mission is to help people “think beyond their plates”… to connect the dots between food, health, and agriculture; and promote critical thinking and “food system literacy.”

Food Sleuth