WOOL’s on-air and web-display gratitude to underwriters helps build and maintain name recognition by keeping your organization in the foreground of listeners’ and web visitors’ ears, eyes, and minds in an uncluttered, straightforward way.

Six- or twelve-month underwriting terms are offered, for $125 or $190 respectively. This includes daily on-air repetitions of your organization name and contact info, plus a linked display box on every WOOL and Mid-River Bulletin Board web page.

Choose an option below, click the “Pay Now” button, and follow the instructions. You don’t need to have a Paypal account.


If you prefer, you can mail or deliver a check to:

PO Box 110 / 33 Bridge St
Bellows Falls VT 05101

Email any questions to or leave us a message at 802-460-9665.

WOOL-FM is a member-owned and volunteer-run community radio station. 100% of any funds that come our way go directly to pay the bills that keep us on the air. There is no payroll, no dividends. No free government money, no giant foundation grants. It’s us regular people, we friends and neighbors, together, that keep this thing happening. Your support means everything.

That said, WOOL may decline underwriting at its discretion.

How is underwriting different from the free Bulletin Board and PSA service we provide?

They serve different functions. PSAs are about events and opportunities that educate, entertain, or otherwise contribute to the quality of life of the commons. PSAs air with far less frequency than underwriting statements. Anyone is welcome to submit PSAs via the Mid-River Bulletin Board, whether they’re a station underwriter or not; we’d like people to do both, of course, but it’s not required.