It’s easy to become a member of WOOL. Just choose your membership level and follow the instructions to make your secure payment. (A Paypal account is not required.) Your WOOL-FM membership card will arrive in the mail.


At just $25, this is our most popular membership level. And we’ve never raised the rate! Ain’t much you can say that about these days. Your support is invaluable.


For those with with the means and the will, we offer Sustaining Memberships at a reasonable $100. Thank you so much for your generosity and support.


If you’re in school or over 65, this is the most economical way to join. Your support is truly appreciated.

Membership funds are one of the only ways that our bills get paid and our equipment gets maintained. We don’t receive any free government money, and we don’t have any big foundation grants or super-rich benefactors. We’d be thrilled if we did… but the truth is that it’s just all of us regular people, together, supporting Black Sheep Radio. If our programming entertains and enlightens you, and you agree that our mission is important, join us!

We’re entirely run by good-hearted community volunteers; there’s no paid staff to keep on top of the big job of monthly membership maintenance, so consequently our memberships run through the end of each calendar year — it’s so much simpler to keep track of things that way. If you’re joining in September or later, though, we’ll roll your membership over into the next year as a bonus. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

And if you’ve got a business or upcoming event that you want to get word out about, take a look at how underwriting can help.


You may be aware that WOOL-FM started out as a low-power station. For more than 30 years, no community group in the northeast had been awarded a Class A broadcast license, but WOOL worked the system anyway… it took years, but we got the upgrade! A HUGE victory. Then, hard-won license in hand, we set out to find the funds to follow through… and we did… but there’s a catch. The money is a loan from the Rockingham Revolving Loan Fund, and it needs to be paid back. So WOOL set up a crowdsourced Upgrade Fund – because together, we’re mighty. You can automatically put a monthly amount on your credit card that goes directly toward WOOL’s upgrade expenses. (For recurring payments via Paypal, a free Paypal account is required; but you can also set something up through your bank, just like automatic bill-paying.) Choose your level of support! You can help build the community we all want to live in. You make Black Sheep Radio possible — your community radio station with one foot in Vermont and one foot in New Hampshire. We’re grateful for you! More info about the upgrade.