SUN, 12 N:

LOCAL! C-Realm Radio with KMO

KMO is the host and producer of the C-Realm and author of the book ‘Conversations on Collapse.’ He is a recovering libertarian and Singularitarian.

He was an early employee of, made a lot of money on stock options, spent it all, and had to re-enter the rat race with a decade-sized hole in his resume. Libertarian ideology and techno-utopian fantasies are very attractive and self-validating when one is living on the proceeds of an internet stock-option windfall; they are less attractive and self-validating when scrambling to earn a living and starting from scratch in middle age.

KMO began the C-Realm Podcast in 2006. He has conducted over 300 interviews on topics ranging from organic farming and permaculture, peak oil and the collapse of industrial civilization, to psychedelic spirituality and drug policy reform.

Doug Lain, creator of the Diet Soap on-line zine (later to manifest as the Diet Soap Podcast) wrote, “KMO was once a winner in the capitalist game. He had high tech dreams and plenty of ambition, but somewhere along the line KMO dropped out, spent what he had, and started over in a simpler way. No longer rich and no longer so enamored with the technocratic fantasies of the prevailing order, he squeaks by in this world while seeking another. More than anything KMO is a broadcaster and interviewer who has a gentle and amiable way of challenging and inspiring interesting conversations with authors, artists, psychedelic gurus, sociologists, NASA scientists, economists, and more.”