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LOCAL! Live & Direct

Chicago-raised, Vermont-based DJ Skar specializes in rare grooves and classic cuts. He spins house, funk, soul, reggae, jazz, and hip hop. Tasty.

He began spinning records in his parents basement in Maywood, IL in 1982. He was only 8 years old and he’d found his calling. He grew up around house heads and hip hop heads and soaked it all in.

DJ Skar took his skills on the road throughout his time in the Air Force, spinning in clubs in Germany, Italy, and Israel, as well as around the US. Upon returning to Chicago, he developed a following among lovers of quality music. He’s spun records at the Funky Buddha Lounge, Butterfly Social Club, Simone’s Bar, Maria’s Community Bar, Harbee’s Liquors & Tavern, Morgan’s Bar, Blitz Bar, Lava Lounge, and The Horseman, among others. His long-standing residency at Simone’s helped to cement the bar as a place to go for excellent music. He has spun for numerous house parties, weddings, and functions – anywhere people are serious about quality house, funk, soul, and hip hop.

In 2014, DJ Skar relocated with his family to Vermont, where he is currently building a following. His weekly radio show, Live & Direct with DJ Skar on Black Sheep Radio has quickly become a fan favorite, and he continues to plug his craft to new audiences in New England.

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