Welcome to the first Black Sheep Radio Online Gift Card Auction

On Friday, November 20th, at 5:00 PM EST, the auction items will appear on eBay at the following link: — that’s when you can begin bidding.

WOOL 91.5 FM, your community radio station, is the beneficiary of the generosity of many area businesses and artists. They’ve donated gift cards for goods and services to WOOL, and we now offer them to you at auction.

Please join us in thanking these generous donors - and more certificates are still coming in:
The point of this is first to help support our area community radio station. Though we’re volunteer run and staffed, we have many expenses — like the cost of keeping our antenna atop Fall Mountain, the price to license all the music we broadcast, and the cost of upkeep on the equipment we use so you hear us loud and clear. We pay for all this with our membership drives and with fundraisers like this one. We’re telling you this so you know why and how much we cherish your generosity in purchasing these gift cards.

But also, our sponsors benefit because, when you purchase these gift cards, you go to their stores and, with any luck you spend your consumer dollars where these awesome donors make their stand. Never before has it been so important to spend locally because our area economy depends on it. COVID stinks for business, as you probably heard.

Lastly, we hope you get a bargain when you bid on these gift cards. To be honest, we hope you buy them for MORE than their face value but in all likelihood you’ll get items for less than they’re worth. In the end we all benefit.

Here’s what happens:

On Friday, November 20th, at 5:00 PM EST, the auction items will appear on eBay at the following link:

That’s when you can begin bidding.

The auction runs for ten full days, and other bidders have the ability to outbid you. You’ll need to give eBay your email address and they’ll let you know if you’ve been outbid so you can up the ante. Sometimes, a lot of action happens in the last few minutes so you’ll need to pay attention.

You can also just buy the item for its face value (sometimes less!) if you want to guarantee you get the item. Why would you do that? Because:
1. You’d like to support WOOL
2. You will already be spending money at the vendor who donated the gift card
3. You’d be happy to see that amount go to WOOL

Alternatively, the "BUY IT NOW" price may be less than the face value of the card or certificate and you want to ensure you get the item for a bargain. There are several items like that.

If you want to see what eBay looks like in advance, just point your browser to They have longer explanations.

After the auction is over (ten days after it started) you’ll need to make payment to eBay for the items you’ve won. They take a small amount and send us the rest. There is no cost to you if you didn’t win any items. Once the items are paid for, we’ll begin mailing them out. We’re volunteers so it’ll take the better part of five days to get everything in the mail.

We wish you the best of luck and thank you for participating! We also thank every single donor and volunteer, and every buyer who has participated. We urge you to support these donors with your spending dollars, whether or not you bought a gift card.

Further questions can be sent to

Thanks a million,
The members and volunteers of Great Falls Community Radio, WOOL 91.5 FM
Black Sheep Radio